Shiloh CP Church

Photograph of the Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church building today.
The Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church building today.

History of Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church

According to a thesis written by Rev. Newsome Harvey, Rev. Newt Larkins organized Shiloh Church in 1865. It has gone through four stages of growth.

The first building of the Shiloh Church started with a three-acre land grant from Sam Nesbitt, located in the hollow on East Creek. The church consisted of a one-room log building. It cannot be determined when this building was torn down, but Mrs. Fred Bailey claims, "The logs from the first building are in the walls of the northeast room of my house."

The second building was erected before 1880, on the same location as the original church. It was a one-room box structure and was also used as a school. This building stood until 1910.

The third building was also erected on the same location. It was a two-story frame building owned jointly by the Shiloh Church and Modern Woodmen.

In 1927, Shiloh Church purchased Modern Woodmen's share of the building and used it for Sunday School. Because of frequent flooding, Shiloh purchased a lot on the ridge in 1943, and completed construction on the fourth, and present building, in the spring of 1945. In 1950, three rooms and a basement for Sunday school classes were added to the back of the church.

In 1955, the fall enrollment for the Shiloh school fell below state requirements and the school was closed. On December 10, 1955, this property was put up for sale and was purchased by the church for $2,500.00 and is presently used as a church fellowship hall and Sunday School room. In 2004, a manse was completed on Church property.